32-Year-old Shelter Cat Keeps Pawing At Window Hoping To Convince Visitors To Take Her Home

A 32-year-old shelter cat gets completely enthusiastic whenever she hears individuals speaking or walking around. She runs up to them and begins to paw at the window and begs for adoption.

Meet Sienna, the cute shelter cat.

For quite some time, this senior kitty has lived a sheltered life ; sadly, no one has yet to demonstrate interest in giving her an eternal home. Sienna is a fighter, though. She doesn’t lose hope that somebody will pick her up one day.

Since her proprietor passed away, Sienna has been living at Tabby’s Place cat sanctuary. People at the shelter do their utmost to give all their cats love and affection, but it’s evident that Sienna misses having a home and someone she can cuddle with all the moment.

Every time she spots visitors, she waved her paws hoping that they would pet her – and if she gets lucky, take her home with them.

Sienna just wants to love and be loved…

One day, a kind-hearted lady named Terri saw the tale of Siena on Love Meow and her heart was rapidly caught. After seeing the heartbreaking pictures, she realized that there was no other way to make this cat happy than to give her a home forever.

Terri immediately visited the shelter with only one plan – bring Sienna home.

It’s been a year since adoption of the cute senior cat. Terri and her family changed the named Sienna into Chloe and the former shelter cat became the house’s queen just a few days after the acceptance.

“She is worth it. It is the small things…” Terri said.

Now Chloe gets all the love and affection that she had longed for since her former owner died. She now receives from her loving human infinite TLC.

Chloe wants you to me Ella, another senior cat rescued by her human owner.

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