Adopt Me: Blind brothers Stevie and Wonder at Vancouver’s cat cafe.-.-.—

As if we needed more reason to love Vancouver’s Catoro-themed cat cafe.

Since opening this summer to great fanfare from bubble tea and cat enthusiasts alike, the Mount Pleasant cafe has had a vital mission behind its whimsy: Finding forever homes for wonderful adoptable kitties.

Working with registered charity — and 100% no kill organization — Cat Therapy & Rescue Society, the cafe lets guests interact with adoptable felines in the “cat forest.”

In the previous two months, dozens of people have been accepted. But there are two very unique siblings we would like to inform you about among its present list of adoptable felines: Stevie and Wonder.

These blind boys were the cafe’s hit, but they can’t remain there forever. They are still quite young — just over a year old — and they are not slowed down by their absence of vision.

Their real personalities have appeared since they were permitted to roam. Stevie proved to be the more adventurous of the two, spending more time with other cats. He enjoys exploring, vocalizing, being soft and enjoying a nice cuddle.

Wonder, on the other hand, is a bit more shy and keeps to himself. He will accept soft scratches after sniffing you, and loves a small and cozy spot to nuzzle into.

Co-owner of the café, Nathan Chan, defines adoption as a crucial aspect of his procedure and focuses on rescuing cats from pressing medical circumstances, abuse and euthanasia-facing cats.

While he says cat shelters can be “really sad and upsetting places” to visit, the reason they love adoptions at Catoro is because every animal gets a chance to be happy and comfortable.

“They get the opportunity to come out of their shell and show people what they are really like. It’s a really different experience,” he says.

“Many of the cats that we had that had been with the shelter prior to Catoro opening had been there for months with no adoption inquiries. As soon as Catoro opened, these were some of the first cats to be adopted. It really puts a different light on cat rescue and adoption.”

Catoro has embraced 28 cats since it opened its doors. Let’s create numbers 29 and 30 for Stevie and Wonder!

You can meet these lovely kitties — and its current roster of three dozen adoptable beauties — by visiting the cafe. It does take walk in guests, but you can also book your appointments ahead of time on its website.

The fee to adopt an adult cat at Catoro is $200, which includes vaccinations, spay/neuter, vet check, microchip, deworming, dental work (if necessary), and starter packs of litter and food.

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