After Truck Driver Finds Stray Kitten On Road She Falls Asleep, And He Doesn’t Have The Heart To Wake Her

A man named Matt stumbled in the center of a highway on something weird and realized that he was a little helpless kitty. “In the center of a crowded road I discovered this little girl so I stopped picking her up,” he wrote. “She was crawling on the street in a wooded area, so either she was born there and the mother wasn’t able to move the entire litter or someone just dumped her.”

Matt fell immediately in love with the kitty, captivated by the sleeping face and the adorable sound she made. “I discovered a stray rumbling like a train!,” Matt said of the kitten.

He then did what required to be done: “The next day, she took her to the vet to get rid of all the fleas and she fell asleep in the truck as quickly as I did. When I got home, I didn’t have the heart to wake her up so I just sat silently on the radio for about an hour until she woke up.

Because of some kind of allergy, however, Matt was unable to let her remain: “I’m allergic dumb so I had to find her a home. I interviewed two people who wanted her and said no to the first person because the living situation didn’t sound like it was going to be nice for her. “Matt finally discovered the kitty’s loving home forever. She now lives happily with her people and with another rescue cat.

A guy named Matt stumbled upon something strange in the middle of a road and realized it was a tiny helpless kitty.

“In the center of a busy road I discovered this little girl so I stopped picking her up.”

“She fell asleep in the truck immediately. When I went home, I had no heart to wake her up.”

Matt eventually discovered the kitty to be an eternally loving home where she lives with a rescue cat.

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