Artist Imagines What The Earth Would Be Like If Cats Were Gigantic

Andrey Scherbak is a Rostov-on-Don, Russia-based painter who enjoys cats! He is best known for sharing gigantic cats ‘ funny photoshops on his Instagram doing daily duties.

The artist informed BoredPanda that while searching through n ancient photo album and seeing a image he took in the forest, he came up with the concept. “I enjoyed it, so with the intention of putting a cat in it, I took another picture,” Andrey said. “I decided to build an Instagram account complete of images of me and cats alone because it’s not very distinct from the truth in which I reside. I’m leading a lonely way of life.

He finds it much easier to use photos of cats he finds on Google rather than taking photo of his own cats since they can’t stay still.

1. Just imagine how you would feel to be walking down this street at this moment.

Just want to assist this cat!

There certainly comes to mind the “I can haz cheeseburger” meme here.

Shovel more quickly, please! You can’t see how cold I’m?

This poor man is all tucked away.

Later I’m going to catch you guys, that’s my stop.

The face expression of this man says it all, isn’t it?

How can you be angry at an innocent face like this?

Let me go! I promise that I’m going to be nice.

Even gigantic cats still enjoy seeing all the sights.

Shopping at the grocery store was never that exciting.

These two kitties do their utmost not to disturb the train journey of everybody else.

This picture feels out of a film like something.

It was never that easy to tam a wild giant cat.

Sometimes, with their ideas, a guy and a gigantic cat just need to be alone.

Rub the stomach of this kitty. We dare to give you that!

Let me get in! You can’t see it raining!

This cat feels like her friend is being protected.

Even gigantic cats still need to be cleaned.

What a wonderful barbershop. Something from our dreams is like that.

Scoot over a bit, it requires more space for this cat.

See the universe, Catzilla’s!

In this picture, the cat looks like they’re about to begin confessing all their issues.

You’re not going to pass!

To bring the good cheer, Santa Kitty is here.

There is the revolution and it’s not going to be televised.

We’re feeling bad about this poor dog.

These two seem to be involved in a staring competition.

Who frightened this cat?

In all our days, we still have to see a grumpier cat.

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