Bear Cub Faces Euthanasia After Getting Friendly With People At A Resort

Adorable bear cub which was seen getting friendly with skiers and snowboarders at a resort in California now faces euthanasia as authorities claim it will be dangerous when it becomes an adult.

The brown bear was filmed approaching snowboarders at Northstar ski resort in Tahoe, sniffing at ski jackets and interacting with people. However, while this interaction might seem adorable and harmless, wildlife experts claim being comfortable around humans is actually dangerous and now are thinking to put it down.

Earlier, Aaron King posted on Facebook writing “I met a bear that I am teaching to snowboard.”

The executive director at the Bear League, Ann Bryant, previously spoke to NBC, saying “This cub approached people because she didn’t know any better.”

Adding that this very rare, Bryant told the broadcaster:

Let’s say she goes back into the wild and she grows up and adds about two to three hundred pounds on to her weight.

She’s big, she’s strong, and she still thinks she can approach people? That’s not going to be good and somebody is going to shoot her.

According to Bryan, the little bear’s mom has probably died and the cub was seeking comfort and food from humans. While the interaction of the bear with humans might come as adorable first, this could actually prove fatal.

After the footage of the bear went viral, authorities in California are warning people not to get close to bears.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife have since removed the cub from the ski resort and have taken it in for evaluation. Sadly, after the tests are completed, they may decide to put the cub in a wildlife sanctuary or put it down.

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