Blind Kitten Found Alone On Street Can not Stop Hugging Her New Dad.

She Was A Trooper

June had a hard start. But she demonstrated to be totally resilient. When she was only a few weeks old, she was taken to a shelter. But June wasn’t like other kittens, and without help she wouldn’t have survived long. But it was the way one managed to save the life of June that touched the heart of everybody and made his actions memorable.

All By Herself

When she was found wandering around Cape Town, June was only a few weeks old. She seemed to have no neighboring family. It was as if she dropped from the sky, forcing herself to deal with life. Sadly, there were some severe cat allergies to the woman who discovered her. She wasn’t able to maintain June. But she decided to bring her to a location to get assistance.

Welcoming June

June was transferred to the DARG (Domestic Animal Rescue Group) pro-life organisation. The group saved animals that nobody else wanted and cared for. It was love at first sight when the DARG squad saw June. And they were completely astonished when they learned of their plight. They had to do something immediately, of course. So, in order to make sure she was right, they decided to give June a check-up. After all, after so long being alone, her chances of survival were slim.

The Checkup

June seemed to be in good health, but the DARG team didn’t want to take any opportunities. So, for a check-up, they sent her off. Luckily, June received a clean health bill. She didn’t have malnutrition. She had no worms, and she was not harmed physically. But, something about June that set her apart from all other felines was noticed by the veterinarian. And the doctor was very amazed that, considering the conditions, she had done it on her own.

Disabled From Birth

There was something strange about June noticed by the DARG veterinarian. She’s been blind. He assumed that with this disability she was born. And the statistics were not in the favor of the kitten. She was just a few weeks old. She was too brittle to look after herself. But she was created a miracle kitty by the reality that she had survived this long. The DARG team then noticed something that made understanding how she had survived on her own easy.

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