British Army And The Night’s Watch Join Forces For A Game Of Thrones Performance

Fans of Game of Thrones are awaiting the big day, the release of the final season’s first episode in awe. And despite the many trailers and teasers we’ve been watching so far, we still don’t feel that we’ve been served enough.

Well, after you see the performance we’ll show you, you’ll gain some energy until April 15 to maintain you rejuvenated. The video is about the British Coldstream Guards and “Night’s Watch Soldiers” performing striking movements while the Game of Thrones theme song resonates in the background,

But let’s be honest, with their tall black hats and red uniforms, we can’t imagine the British Coldstream Guards serving in the Night’s Watch. All that said, with the Coldstream Guards, we can’t imagine Night’s Watch performing. It is still possible to see both of these soldiers performing in a great performance in front of the Tower of London.

The British TV channel Sky Atlantic, according to 9gag, partnered with the British Army to choreograph this performance in front of London’s Tower.

The spectacle took two months of preparation. And 12 actors have been transformed into the Night’s Watch for the show.

Each of these performers wore Night’s Watch’s raggedy black uniforms that took stylists 10 weeks to build them. To assist these performers look like Night’s Watch, a team of specialists, makeup artists have come together.

For the audience that was expecting a traditional performance, the event was a surprise. This time, though, it didn’t occur as usual. It was quite the contrary. The Night’s Watch emerged and it all turned into the soundtrack of the Game of Thrones.

Do you want to see the performance? Here it is! link

Game Of Thrones ‘ final season will be released solely on Sky Atlantic on Monday, April 15, 2 am and 9 pm.

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