Cat Frozen In Snow Makes Miraculous Recovery After Veterinarians Spend Hours Fighting For Her Life

Miraculous recovery after veterinarians spend hours fighting for their lives

“When we saw Fluffy, I would have to say that our original ideas were that of any other patient in trouble,” said Kalispell’s Animal Clinic Executive Director Andrea Dutter to Bored Panda. “All hands on board and let this sweet baby girl get thawed out! You have to take it one minute at a time in moments like this.

“When the staff at the clinic measured Fluffy’s temperature, it was so high that it didn’t even register on a 90-degree low thermometer. The normal body temperature of cats is around 101 degrees to put that into view.

“The whole time, Fluffy had a heartbeat,” Dutter added. “She was never declared dead–REALLY cold, almost frozen. We started to thaw her out with various techniques right away, beginning with hot water running over her to melt the snow and ice.

Then we used hot dryer towels we rotated out, we used hair dryers, heating pads, and then we got a catheter in her to begin IV fluids when her temp was up enough.

Fluffy’s temperature was still too small after two lengthy hours of using hot water and blankets, so they took her to the emergency room. There, it lastly started to increase after a few more hours. The furball eventually recovered completely.

“We are never provided any assurance that any medical care technique (whatever species you are) will be effective. She is lucky to be young (3 years old) and healthy in Fluffy’s case. She had a willingness to survive, and she proved it to us and to the globe.

The most significant thing that helped Fluffy get back on her feet was that when they went home and discovered her, her owners did not hesitate. “They have done the correct thing.

They introduced her to us right away. Her owners, like us, love her and care a great deal about her. They knew and trusted her best choice was to bring Fluffy to herdoctor(s). It was a terrible situation, but everything fell completely in line to allow her to have a notable recovery.

“Now, with her beings, Fluffy is back home, enjoying life to the full.

“We genuinely hope that Fluffy’s tale can help other pet owners be conscious of ways to assist their indoor and outdoor animals remain secure and the significance of seeking immediate medical attention vs.

trying to treat their own animals. Our physicians and employees have done nothing other than any other veterinarian and team would do.

We (and Fluffy!) are thankful to the owners of Fluffy for acting fast in a frightening scenario.

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