Cat Owner Makes A Cardboard Throne For Her Maine Coon Cat, And The Lord Of The House Loves It

Elly and Steve are Arthur’s human parents, a Maine Coon cat, 17 years old. Elly is a publisher and lately published a magnificent cardboard bed on the web site inspired by the famous Game of Thrones Iron Throne she created for her cat. Impressed by her job, we talked about it with Elly, “I was looking at this box of cardboards, a box of children’s shoes that my mother had sent me something in, and I thought I could make Arthur a fresh bed,” Elly told Just Something, “I opened it up and it already kind of looked like a chair,

First of all, here is the final result, with Arthur sitting like the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms on his new Throne.

That’s how it all began. “What I was doing, I had no clue,” she said.

She put the swords on the box.

Arthur is not impressed yet.

After she tweaked it to be a little more trapezoid-shaped, she added a second paper to the bottom.

This is the past favourite place for Arthur. The Throne is going to be a major upgrade.

She made it black.

And with silver paint, dry brushed it.

“For her fat booty, I sewed a little cushion,” she said.

And Arthur, who loves his brand fresh throne, is here.

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