Cat With No Ears, No Teeth & No Home Is Searching For Someone To Fill His Void

A female named Nicole, who had been feeding a homeless cat for months, got a call from Hope For Paws.

But it took this cat a lot more than food. His ears were cut off, most of his teeth were missing, and he was, of course, filthy from living on the streets.

Rescuers arrived rapidly to get a safer location for the cat, now called Ares. Surprisingly, he was very friendly and allowed him to be pet by rescuers. Before taking him back to the clinic, they fed him a can of food that he ate gladly.

Cats use their ears to demonstrate whether they are aggressive or defensive, according to Hope For Paws. Since Ares has no ears, telling what his mood was was was very difficult for rescuers and vets.

Ares was scanned for a microchip by the clinic and was amazed to see he actually had one. He never had a house, however. To maintain track of him, the microchip was recorded as a community cat as he had passed through a program of trap, neuter and release.

Ares is also positive for FIV (a virus of immunodeficiency in cats) and has a compromised immune system. That’s one of the many reasons Ares belongs to a home and doesn’t wander the streets.

Fortunately, Ares is now with HPF rescuer JoAnn Wiltz in a foster home. He’s waiting for an eternal home now, where he’s the only pet. He is a very nice cat who likes to give love and to receive it.

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Watch the rescue of Ares in the following video:

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