Cheetah Sees Wildlife Photographer Taking A Nap, Decides To Join Him And Nap Too

Should you sleep with a cheetah? It sounds insane, but some enthusiasts of animals are prepared to do it regardless of how hazardous it might be. And one of those individuals is Dolph C. Volker, a U.S. wildlife photographer. When he kept his dying dog in his arms, his love for pets blossomed, he was overwhelmed with emotions of profound sadness.

He decided to devote his life to animal improvement after his dog crossed the rainbow bridge. He began to use his holiday days and savings to volunteer at the Cheetah Experience for this purpose. This is a sanctuary for the protection and preservation of South Africa’s cheetah and other endangered and threatened species. And he got obsessed with cheetahs there.

Initially, Volker was a little scared of being so near to the cheetahs, but now they’re the best friends. At the shrine he has created many friends, including a cheetah called Eden. He has become so near to cheetahs that he is now calling himself “The Whisperer Cheetah.”

When she approached him, Wolker got to understand Eden while he was taking a nap under a tree. She went up to him, looking at him as though he belonged to the same species as her. So, with this harmless person, she decided to snuggle. They cuddle together, even allowing Volker to nibble, suck, and groom Eden. And that was the start of their lovely, incredible, and intriguing relationship.

“I had no clue that it was so unique for Cheetahs. I fell in love with them. It’s an amazing species that really deserves assistance, support and protection,” tells Volker. That’s why Volker likes to work with cheetahs, and Volker and his cheetah colleagues fill his YouTube channel with videos.

You can enjoy the relaxing bond of friendship between Wolker and Eden in the video

Watching this couple appreciate the comfortable business of each other is cute. Would you allow your ear to bite a cheetah? Please share with your friends and family this tale.

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