Couple Find Stray Kitten in the Woods and She Finds Her Forever Home

One day a couple walked in the forest when they came across a small stray kitten. The little furball started to follow them, that touched their hearts, and they chose to bring her home as she was all alone.

Meet Chloe the kitten!

She was only five weeks old when they discovered her, what she was doing alone without her mom would never be known, so it was the best thing that could have occurred to her to come across two caring individuals.

They wrapped her in a comfortable blanket once at home, the warmth and comfort she felt made her rubbish with happiness, and she fell asleep immediately.

Having changed the face of a lengthy nap, little Chloe, her ears were perky and her eyes were bright.

They quickly found out that Chloe was a curious kitten who loved their business, particularly when a snuggle was engaged!

It didn’t take her long to settle in and create her home, and the couple were pleased to have this fresh addition to their family.

She’s on one of her people’s shoulder here – her favourite spot to take a nap!

And here she takes her first selfie!

Two weeks ago and her adventurous side reveals no boundaries, she found in a handbag the joys of hanging out!

After a lengthy day of exploration, fast asleep …

And now she’s here, two months down the line, and Chloe is the cat of adventure!

Chloe was so fortunate to find a loving couple who would take care of her and become her family and grow into a lovely fluffy kitty.

All images @imgur/spookydoc

Article taken from : lovemeow

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