Friendly Cat Interrupts TV Interview and Steals the Show

This cute kitty lives in a Finnish horse stable and as the cameras started rolling for a TV interview, she wanted to say hello to her person.

Her human, Matias Salo, is a coach for horse racing, running a stable horse. The task of this calico kitty is to create sure that all the visitors at the stable feel welcome and she’s doing just a pure job with the looks of it!

When a TV show host, Joanna Kuvaja, came at the stable to interview Matias, the friendly cat saw the perfect chance to welcome her and started showing her kitty hospitality. Then the cameras began rolling and right in the center of the interview, the calico cat jumped directly into her owners ‘ lap and gave him a large large hug.

Hugs were just the beginning as she moved on to his shoulder and also gave him some face rubs. After offering her person some much-needed cuddles with plenty of purring (you can hear her rumbling in the video) she moved on to Joanna who took her by surprise entirely.

Joanna couldn’t have a straight face with a kitty rubbing against her. Joanna laughed, saying, “Because of the purring, I can’t say anything … Do I have anything on my shoulder?”

What a wonderful moment – kitty stole the show, of course!

Look at the video:

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