Groom Loves His Cat So Much, He Made the Feline His Best Man

Prince Michael the cat wore a customized suit for the wedding from a “unique tailor”

Cat is best man at wedding Credit: @AaronsAnimals and @jonnieandgarrett

Since the day the man from Brooklyn adopted the gray feline, Aaron Benitez and Prince Michael have been inseparable.

Thanks to Benitez’s YouTube account Aaron’s Animals, which has more than 2 million subscribers and dozens of videos featuring Prince Michael and Benitez hanging out, it’s a well documented friendship.

“We’re really the best friends on the screen and off. I know I can always count on Prince Michael to give me a smile when I’m down or when I’m up my wingman,” Benitez said of the “friendly, easy-going, loyal, loving” cat.

So when it came time for Benitez to get married, he knew Prince Michael had to be involved.

“When we searched for venues, the main priority was to allow cats,” the owner of the cat told PEOPLE. “We produced sure they could make salmon when we selected a caterer (Michael’s favour). And we made sure that when we booked a DJ, he wouldn’t play’ Who Let The Dogs Out.’

Cat is best man at wedding Credit: @AaronsAnimals and @jonnieandgarrett

Benitez also gave the cat the honor of serving as his best person along with making sure that Prince Michael was comfortable at his marriage — a role that the feline took seriously.

“He’s actually done a ton all day long. His largest function was to keep the group going well into the night, apart from strutting down the aisle. He kept everyone entertained and energetic as a groomsman in the wedding party, “Benitez said.

Cat is best man at wedding Credit: @AaronsAnimals and @jonnieandgarrett

Prince Michael attended the event in his own custom-made suit created by a “special tailor” and took part in plenty of wedding photos.

“They all loved it!” Benitez said of his guests’ reactions to Prince Michael’s presence. “I mean, who doesn’t want their pet at their wedding?”

Cat is best man at wedding Credit: @AaronsAnimals and @jonnieandgarrett

Although it may seem enticing to include your pet in your wedding, Benitez does not suggest that your cat be included in the big day unless they are “super chill” and comfortable in fresh circumstances, as Prince Michael is fortunate.

Now that the wedding is over, Benitez and his best man intend to “make videos and show individuals that cats can be the best friend of person as well.”

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