Huge leopard is taking a nap inside the cage – now watch carefully when a hand reaches to pet him-…

The Cedar Cove Tiger Park is a large Kansas cats sanctuary. Voodoo is the most common cat here. A rescued leopard who is for any visitor of the park the greatest attraction. But this magnificent animal had a really hard life. He’s been caught, held in chains, and sold on the black market.

Now, imagine how wild it could be to find a gracious animal in a cage in sight. When individuals will know that other living humans are not our property, but God has granted them the right to live freely in their natural environment.

Voodoo’s tale is just another evidence of human capability’s cruelty. Nevertheless, fortunately for both humans and we, animal enthusiasts, there are also those who are the voice of the voiceless and fight for animal rights.

Ultimately, the destiny smiled at him as the good guys from Cedar Cove Tiger Park saved him. With love and affection, they took him in and showered him. They fed him and he was handled. They called him Voodoo, and he’s sure a happy thing’s one heck.

The bellow video demonstrates one of those cool times when the leopard Voodoo is in a very nice mood. Not that he’s always in a poor one, but he’s all taken to give thanks in this situation to individuals who demonstrate him some love. So Voodoo reacts in the most beautiful and touching way possible when this man reaches out to pet him. You hear the noise?!

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