Local cat born without eyelids gets second chance..

PALM CITY, Fla. — The Treasure Coast Humane Society wasn’t sure what they would do when Sauron arrived without eyelids. When Sauron first went through their gates, Roxie Smith works at the Human Society and played foster mother.”His eyes are not,” Smith said. “It’s the sweetness inside, his love, and he’s such a good boy.”

Daily harm was performed to his eyelids and when he was assessed by local vets by organizers, they discovered that numerous surgeries and thousands of bucks would be needed to assist him. “If you can imagine that every moment you blink you have an eyelash in your eye,” Smith said. Eventually the veterinary school at the University of Florida stepped forward and offered to assist with the operations.

“The first surgery was taking his mouth’s corners and moving them up,” Smith said. They transplanted them to make him eyelids. “After that, he had two more operations and he was a happy ordinary cat on Tuesday. Roxie said her last goodbyes because he was formally adopted by Chelsea Medola. Sauron was a patient at UF with Medola and fell in love with him. “I discovered that giving each animal a opportunity is really crucial. Even though they need a ton of surgery and a ton of care,” Mendola said. “He was a really excellent cat and pet.” Smith said the Humane Society didn’t have enough money in their emergency fund to help this cat.

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