Man Brought up Scrawny Kitten Rejected Into A Beautiful Cat by Mother

For various reasons, animals may be dismissed by their mom. Whatever the reason, however, it’s cruel because the baby animals are too fragile and they’re going to become predator targets. So, seeing a small kitten has been dismissed and not shielded by her mom is heartbreaking.

This is Sansa’s heartbreaking situation, a scrawny little calico cat for the love of her mother has been discovered purring. Unfortunately, her mom wasn’t interested in her and was just looking after her larger kittens.

Sansa was just skin and bones because she was not fed, but fortunately, she was saved by a kind-hearted person named Alan and chose to become her fresh father. He couldn’t think how scrawny she was when he first met Sansa.

Alan carried her home and introduced a lovely calico cat to the child. Nearly half his feet was the small feline, could barely walk and wanted to be loved.

Sansa reacted well to Alan after a few days at her new home and often cuddled up to him. It only took a few weeks to create her size and character for this beautiful feline. Sansa is now growing larger and stronger thanks to Alan’s love.

Alan knew she required the love and attention of her mother, so he never produced her feel alone. He supplied her with enough food, care and hugs, of course. Miracles are happening, see how beautiful Sansa is now!

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Source taken from The Animal Bible

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