Man Saved Newborn Kitten On Rainy Night and it Changes Him Forever

I love the sentence “true people love cats” and it sounds more true than ever in this example. Take Bagheera!

Until one night he heard meowing outside his bedroom window, Ray Vargas was a self-confessed dog man. He discovered a small kitten whose eyes were still shut after inquiry. Ray explains: “I found him in my backyard on a rainy night, abandoned on the shed’s roof. He just went after his meowing.

Obviously this abandoned kitten was crying for his mom, but she couldn’t be discovered anywhere, Ray knew he had to assist or the poor thing was going to die. “This little orphan didn’t like being left out in the rain so I got a kitten feeder kit with formula and bottle.”

Ray kept him warm and provided him with frequent nighttime meals. Ray’s intensive nursing had paid off and the future of this little orphan was no longer in the balance.

Vargas named him Bagheera, and here he has his first true look at the world with eyes fully opened.

He started to follow Ray around the house and learned to climb his shoulder rapidly.

As he grew stronger and older he realized that his favourite place was in the arms of the person who saved him for a nap.

Ray is an artist and has discovered working from home is not so easy with a cat around! Here he is offering a helping paw.

“I didn’t know that bringing an abandoned baby out of the rain that night would lead this confessed dog individual to own my very first pet, a cat no less,” Ray says. “I’ve created the best choice ever.”

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