Man Stops Traffic to Rescue a Tiny Kitten in the Middle of Busy Highway

A person stopped traffic in the center of a busy highway to save a small kitten while others still drive by.

On April 27, Hong Kong’s Lion Rock Tunnel found a small ginger kitten. There was a lot of traffic on the highway because of the rush hour, and the kitten was almost run over. In the center of the highway, the kitten froze in fear, and many riders just drove around him until a kind-hearted person named Kevin (Kwok Kin Wai) jumped to assist.

When Kevin saw the kitten, he was driving a moped. He realized that the kitten would not be able to survive much longer if no one stopped to assist. As he saw the small defenseless feline rushing vehicles, his heart fell and he chose to do something right then.

He managed to pull his scooter over on the side of the busy highway, slowing down and stopping the incoming cars as he approached the kitten with care. Then he picked up the small ginger furball softly and raced back to his motorcycle.

A dashcam recorded the entire rescue and later shared the video on social media.

Meanwhile, Kevin sent a Facebook post, hoping to discover the rightful owner of the kitten. No one went forward to claim the kitten, but Kevin was able to contact a local rescue group volunteer to assist promote the kitten and get the medical care he required from the little fur friend.

Kevin has never had a cat before but he believes that it is fate that brought them together.

“After discussing with the family, we would like to adopt the kitten and let our fate continue on,” Kevin said. “The kitten is named Lion because he was found by the tunnel at Lion Rock.”

Little Lion is presently in foster care while Kevin is rehabilitating his home and proving his kitty. Once the refurbishment is complete, their fresh addition to their family will be formally welcomed.

Kevin met with a volunteer from a local rescue group who found little Lion a foster home.Kwok Kin Wai Kevin

Little Lioin is doing well in his foster home, learning to groom and is cuter than ever!

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