Researchers say that liking cats is a sign of very high intelligence-.-.–

For humans, animals are an utter blessing. When you feel sad or come home tired of job, they can cheer you up. It happens to everyone, but then you open the door and meet the little fur ball that emanates love and happiness. Animals are smarter than we believe. And I say that when I’m pleased or sad, both my dog and my cat understand. That’s how it feels to me, at least. They are also best friends, and they seem to know each other and care for each other.

However, if you are a pet owner, the issue is what does it say about you? I never really thought about that, I’m going to confess – but I found research sooner today that demonstrates that most individuals who like cats are generally very smart. When it comes to choosing a pet, dogs and cats are the most common creatures. But, a true classic is the question of which of the two pets you prefer. And while this question is answered by most individuals. I’m one of the few who really don’t understand. We have both a dog and a cat at home–and I have never been able to choose between them.

Nevertheless, according to Unilad, a latest research by scientist Denise Guastello shows the differences between individuals who like dogs and individuals who like cats. Steve McKeown, a psychoanalyst who established the MindFixers organisation and the well-known McKeown Clinic, claims: –There were 600 students in the research. Dog individuals have been discovered to be more social and extroverted, while cat enthusiasts are more vulnerable and open-minded. It also turned out to be more neurotic for those who prefer cats.

He goes on: – In addition, cat individuals tend to stand for what they believe – regardless of what the environment says, which may show that they are more autonomous. The study also shows that there is a greater intelligence and more trained among those who like cats in particular. They’re more likely to complete college studies, Steve McKeown suggests.

The research says that cats are generally more autonomous than dogs, which can be a significant factor in providing cat owners with more time for other things – such as learning and working.

The question now is what happens if you love both dogs and cats? The study doesn’t cover it, but you can believe you have elevated intelligence and social skills! Jokes aside –

Naturally, this research must be done with a salt grain. Clearly there is no definite reality. At the same moment, I believe reaching these types of findings is intriguing and interesting – and in any event, I believe it was really enjoyable to learn! You also like cats? Then click the Share button to assist distribute our extremely elevated intelligence data!

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