Solo Surviving Neonatal Kitten Rescued At A Day Old; Once Surrounded By Death, Now Loved By Many

Many stray / feral trappers work throughout the cool evening temperatures with temperatures in Arizona regularly reaching 100 degrees. It was around midnight when Melinda Blain set out to assist a local team on Saturday, April 20th. During TNVR work, they would have discovered some kittens so they headed out to feed them and asses the situation. It was heartbreaking what they found. “Some kittens” were 15 years old and ranged from just one day to about one month old.

In the colony area, too, there were countless adult felines. Literally, the smallest neonatal kittens were just about a day old and in desperate need of help. Surrounded by death, without a helping hand, they would not be long for this world.

When found, their 2 siblings surrounded the 3 neonatal kittens ; both of them deceased.

The surviving kittens were quickly scooped up by the team and rushed to the vet. Two little girls and a little boy were there. Unfortunately, after intake, the male had to be euthanized as he clearly suffered and the decision had to be made. Also one of the women fought bravely, but did not do it off the streets through the first night.

The sole surviving female held fast though.

She quickly realized where her food came from and ate like a champ! Although she suffered from “belly troubles,” the majority of stray kittens will have clear-cut problems.

Melinda named her Fleurette and the sweet little baby quickly won over.

However, the day old solo surviving kitten’s improvements were short lived.

Her appetite had declined by the next day and became very worrying.

She doesn’t want to eat alone and still has some tummy problems. I started her on extra medicine to help make things go in the right direction. When I got her, she was 72 grams and is now up to 85 grams, but I’d like to see her chub coming up very soon!

Melinda’s wish came true! Albeit after some serious bath time for the tiny soul. 

Right now, it’s a struggle to keep her clean, but this morning she got a nice bath and quickly pooped over herself before the next feeding. I hope she will overcome this initial rough start once the medicine begins to work its magic.

For the next few weeks, while growing stronger, baby Fleurette would spend most of her time in and out of the incubator. This would provide the fragile newborn to thrive with the perfectly controlled humidity and temp environment.

The only surviving neonatal kitten improved by the beginning of May, gaining weight like a champ and some saucer-like eyes that seem to look into space!

This little baby is doing amazing now. She’s an awesome little eater, has a perfect set of eyeballs, and purrs up a storm after she eats. She had a rough first week here, but she’s come so far and is now thriving. It’s hard to believe she’ll be two weeks old tomorrow since she still has some catching up to do weight-wise, but she’s now chubby and healthy.

Tiny Fleurette could see the many other foster felines in Melinda’s home with her big adorable eyeballs. But now that she was a “singleton,” it was necessary for little Fleurette to learn to be around other cats.

It’s strange to say right? But they may become too aggressive, territorial and angry for singletons that are not socialized to other felines. Nobody wants it! So with Fleurette and other cats in the house, Melinda set up some play dates. They ended adorably, happily for everyone!

Little nugget Fleurette has some single-tone spice, so after meals she got extended cuddle times and she loved hanging out with my cat Coraline. This morning she had a play date that ended with Fleurette curling up in the tail of Coraline to take a nap.

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