Stray Cat Begs For Help–.

Laura Cassiday from Baltimore, Maryland was out walking her dog when a stray cat approached them. She continued on her walk and returned home with the stray cat following closely behind. When she went inside the cat began to paw and meow at her front door asking for help.

It was a cold rainy day and Laura was running late for work, but she couldn’t leave the cat in the condition she was in. She had never seen the cat around before so she decided to take a closer look. “She was geriatric, just skin and bones, and covered in fleas. Her coat was matted and dirty. Her mouth seemed rotten and painful, and her gait was wobbly and crooked,” Laura told CATS.

For food and a hot bed, the emaciated cat begged. There was no way she could turn away this cat, so she rapidly set up a space with a hot bed, a bowl of fresh water and moist food. She named the cat Bones, suitable for the state in which she was. Bones devoured the food rapidly and in appreciation purred it.

Laura has expertise with senior cats as she lately adopted Thomas, a senior cat with 26 years of age. “I didn’t really seek to add another cat to my misfit menagerie, but she insisted and I refused to bring her in her situation outside.”

Laura approached The Feline Rescue Association to assist cover the expense of her medical bills and find her an eternal home. She volunteered with the rescue and knew that the care she required would be given to Bones. The rescue agreed to cover the costs, and Laura said that until an eternal home was discovered she would promote Bones.

After discussing the cat with her neighbors, she found out that the senior feline had been in the area for years. She was taken in by a TNR program, but now it seemed she wanted to live inside. In her condition, Laura did not think she would survive the winter outside.

Bones are estimated at the age of 10 and only weighed 5 pounds when they were discovered. “We deal with an infection of the urinary tract and the vet suspects hyperthyroidism. She has had some liquids for her arthritis today as well as antibiotics and pain medicines, “Laura recalls. Bones was at the vet’s best behaviour, even sleeping on the exam table.

She will continue to receive the needed care and live with Laura until she is adopted by a fresh family. The cat knew for assistance only the individual to follow home. “What should I do when a cat literally follows me home in that poor form? I’m happy that she’s off the road and that she gets the care she requires.

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