Stray Kitten Climbs On Cyclist’s Shoulder, And Doesn’t let Her Go Until She Decides To Adopt Her

As we all know, most of the time you don’t get to choose your cat, but the cat actually selects you, and that’s precisely what occurred to cyclist Madison Kelly when she completed a bicycle race in South Chicago, and she came across a stray kitten discovered under a vehicle by other cyclists. The group of racers roamed around in search of anyone interested in providing a home to the bad kitty. Kelly went up to the group to take a closer look, being the cat guy she is. While the little kitten was holding,

Meet Puig, the charming stray kitten who won Madison’s heart by climbing on her shoulder the first time they met.

The story of Madison and Puig shows that people don’t choose their cats, but the reverse generally occurs.

Just as Puig went up with her shoulder, Madison knew she was selected, so she decided to take home the little kitty.

When they got in the car, the little one first decided to check the interior of the car, but as soon as she sat in the backseat, she immediately jumped on Madison’s lap.

Puig purred to Grand Rapids, Michigan throughout their journey home, expressing all her pleasure to her new family.

When finally home, Puig was welcomed with a warm bath and a meal..

She started her mischievous schemes once Puig had become accustomed to her new home. She collects wet sponges and socks when she doesn’t cuddle with Madison. Then in strange locations, but mostly on Madison’s bed, or under the sheets, she hides hertreasures.

She saved another cat in her honor after the passing of Madison’s 19-year-old cat, named Kitsy. Puig was so pleased to create friends with Waffle, the family’s fresh member.

Madison had the privilege of being selected as the everlasting mother of Puig, and she continues to encourage everyone to rescue strays and find love that lasts forever.

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