Stray Kitten Follows Man in Parking Lot and Won’t Let Him Go Without Taking Him Along

A guy from Georgia met a stray kitten in a parking lot at the beginning of November, calling for his attention.

The kitty was determined to follow him home.

Jason Belisha was in Decatur, Georgia outside a car rental location when he heard the cries of the kitten.

“I went back to a rental car and heard that little kid meowing under the vehicle next to me, so I bent down and he went up to me,” Jason said to Love Meow.

The kitten went up to him, sniffed his hand, and over him rubbed his face. After a while sitting in the rain, the kitty was all alone and cold. Jason looked around, but he was unable to locate a cat mother or anyone who claimed him.

The little stray kept crying and following the guy around. He was not going to take no for a reply. “I picked him up and placed him in the vehicle with me in the correct place.”

He took the kitten to a local shelter to check if anybody belonged to the little one, but they couldn’t find an owner and the shelter said they couldn’t help. Because of his busy travel schedule, Jason wasn’t ready for a new pet in his life, but he couldn’t let the kitten back on the street fend for himself.

The kitten wrapped his arms around him on their ride home and fell quickly asleep in his lap. “He was super friendly and sweet, of course,” said Jason.

Watch the video of the kitten when he was found:

Jason brought the kitty home, fed him and even introduced him to his dog.

They became instant friends.

A week later, a friend falls in love with the kitten, offering him an everlasting home. It’s been bittersweet.

“He’s an incredible cat I’m going to visit frequently at the location of my friend,” Jason informed Love Meow.

“He’s been neutered and vaccinated, and he’s really pleased with a big fish tank in his new home. I called Popeye to him.”

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