Tailless Cat Insists to Be with Sad Grandma Who Never Liked Cats, It Changes Her Life-.-..

Get to know Mitsie! A cat saved from a tram rail track without a tail discovered a sad grandmother who lost her 55-year-old husband. The old woman never thought she was going to adopt a cat, but the sweet feline curled up next to her and changed her life forever.

After more than half a century of marriage, the spouse of grandmother Lulia suddenly passed away two years ago. She was gone and devastated. For grandmother, the family suggested having a pet, hoping it would give her the companionship she required.
The ancient lady, stating she never really enjoyed cats, denied the concept of cats.

They never discussed it again until a tailless cat made her way back in the summer of 2016. She’s the cat Mitsie right on a tram track as she was about to cross the road. It was really poor weather. Theo didn’t want to startle the kitty into traffic, so she approached her gently as she called her. “She got up and ran to me, jumping into my lap straight. So I made up my mind to take her,”. The cat, covered in filth, was just bones and skin. She was tailless and in poor form. She was taken in by Theo and brought back to health.

On her birthday, she had to stop by her grandma. By pure opportunity she brought Mitsie with me, but when grandmother saw her it was love at first sight, she was amazed. Mitsie went straight up to grandmother Lulia, jumped next to her on the couch and curled up as if she had always lived there for a nap right by her side. Grandma Lulia who used to condemn the concept of having cats provided to promote the sweet feline for a couple of days until they found her a permanent home. But Mitsie had a different plan.

She adapted so well to the house, knew precisely where to look for the litter box, how to use the scratch post, and her bed became the chest of my grandma. She claimed a place both on the windowsill and in the core of my grandma. She raised the ‘ foster ‘ A few weeks later, idea again, and my grandmother stared at me as if I were insane. What, now give her back? ‘ ‘ The most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen is the relationship between Mitsie and grandma.

“Their ties are indescribable. If my grandmother is sad or hurt, Mitsie can detect. She’s going to attempt to climb straight in her lap and take the hand of my grandma in her paws and put her head in my palm. My grandmother said Mitsie was acting like a kid,” CATS Theo.

“How Mitsie is very vocal, but especially around my grandmother, is the most interesting component of their bond. The fact that she was left alone with nobody to speak to took a enormous toll after living with grandpa for centuries. Mitsie always checks her day and night by chirping softly at her, and my grandmother is talking to her in turn.

“Cat Mitsie is a true blessing, and my grandmother is always gushing about how smart and good she is the best cat,” Love Meow told Theo. “When they required it most, I’m totally confident they discovered each other … Animals really work wonders.”

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