Teacher Lost Her 16-Year-Old Cat, So Her Students Surprised Her With 2 Rescue Kittens

Tony Andrews’ beloved 16 y / o Blondie’s cat died right in her arms as she was on her way to the vet. The Joshua High School teacher has been crushed. “I cried almost every time I went to school the next day,” she said to the Huffington Post.

But her students knew exactly how to lift their spirits. They walked in her class with a bunch of flowers, homemade cupcakes, and two kittens! “I was smiling so big at the time because I could feel the love of the class,” Andrews said. “But then Rachel walked around holding two precious kittens.”

At first, Andrews thought that the kittens had just been brought in to play with. “Then she held them out to me and said they were mine … now my heart can experience happiness again.”

“Rachel walked around holding two precious kittens,” Andrews said.

Initially, Andrews thought the kittens were only brought to play with

“She then held them out to me, saying that they were mine … my heart can be happy again now”

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