There is a Sanctuary in Hawaii Where You Can Cuddle Hundreds of Fluffy Cats

If you asked us what heaven looked like, we’d take pictures of the Lanai Cat Sanctuary on Hawaii’s Lanai Island. This little paradise in the Pacific Ocean is home to almost 500 dogs waiting to be cuddled.


Since all the cats are free to wander around as they please, the sanctuary offers pure, feline fun at 25,000 square feet.

If you’re in love with a specific kitty, it’s even better: all the cats are ready for adoption. However, unlike in a shelter, there is no pressure to adopt because those who don’t find a home spend their life in Club Kitty gladly relaxing.

Entry is free, although it appreciates donations. The facility will be open at 10 a.m. By 3 p.m. In brilliance or brilliance every day (because it’s Hawaii).

watch this video:

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