This Cat Was So Sick He Couldn’t Open His Eyes..

Cotton was one of Carmen Morales ‘ sickest cats ever seen.
When Morales roamed the streets of Florida as a stray cat, she stumbled upon Cotton. The bad little kitty starved to death, covered entirely in mange, and seemed to be in extreme pain. The mange was so bad it spread all over his body and closed his eyes.

“The mites were so bad that he couldn’t see or open his eyes,” Morales, founder of the Animal Friends Project, informed The Dodo. “It must have been so scary that he couldn’t see out there. He was all alone and so thin that he was unable to discover food.

But in saving cats, Morales is a pro and she knew precisely what to do. She even has a quarantine ward for cats set up in her bathroom to prevent the sick cats from infecting the cats that are well in her vehicle. So she quarantined Cotton, fed him, and began to treat him with lots of antibiotics. The bad sickly cat in those first few days was extremely awkward and itchy.

But he began showing some improvement after a few days and seemed to be getting more comfortable. “We could only see the relaxation of his tense body as the days went by,” Morales said. “He could lastly rest without so much scratching.”

Cotton appeared to understand he was in excellent hands. He knew that Morales was trying to help him, even though he couldn’t see.

And she placed a great deal of effort into it. Although he couldn’t see, he trusted Morales and permitted her to coat her irritated skin every day in ointment oil and coconut oil.

He even began to look forward to her business knowing that he was going to get some affection and food. Cotton’s mange was under control after a few weeks of continuous care to the stage where he was willing to open his eyes.

This event disclosed a spectacular view.

In addition to being able to see Cotton again, he had brilliant colored eyes. One color is a hazel and the other blue. Cotton fully recovered his health within a few months and looked like a brand fresh, healthy cat.

Morales thought Cotton was blind and he’d probably been for several months. “We believed he’d be blind and blind forever,” said Morales. “The vet thought they might be damaged even if his eyes recovered, but they weren’t. It was such an amazing surprise. His eyes were pretty.

Cotton became particularly connected to Morales after three months. She was the only one he wasn’t shy about, allowing him to be petted.

“If I go to another room, he’s waiting to talk outside the door,” said Morales. “He’s sleeping with me, he’s staying with me all the time … he and I have a great friendship. He’s a nice communicator, and he loves to mew.

While there were lots of requests that came in asking for Cotton to be adopted, Morales couldn’t bear part of it. She didn’t want him to endure another large shift, so he’s a continuous family member now. With a family that loves him very much, he is living a pampered life.

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