Verizon Worker Suspended For 3 Weeks Without Pay After Rescuing Cat From Top Of Utility Polee..-.–..-

No good deed goes unpunished. “Verizon employee Maurice German definitely has something to do with this. Locals in Port Richmond, Philadelphia approached him on Saturday afternoon, 16 March, With a distinctive issue. One of the cats of the resident had come out and discovered himself at the top of a very elevated utility pole. The fire department,

animal rescue organizations and the telephone company had been approached by the prospective rescuers. They didn’t get any reactions or offers to help. So they asked for his assistance when Maurice was spotted by the animal enthusiasts. He was able to quickly reach the stranded feline with his Verizon boom lift and take it to safety.

Now, Verizon has suspended him without salary for his deeds for 3 weeks. At the center of all chaos, Princess “Momma” is the feline. She scaled the pole on Friday night around 10:30 pm. The rescue attempts had been joined by numerous neighbors but there was no way to reach her perch. They tried unsuccessfully to get her down until 1:30 a.m. before they had to concede.

On the scene, hen Maurice arrived, Princess Momma was stuck on the pole for about 12 hours! They kept their breath as crowds gathered around the commotion as Maurice approached the terrified cat. He was worried that the cat was going to attempt to escape and fall so that he slowly got nearer to her. Fortunately, as the crowds cheered below, he was able to capture her filming the entire rescue attempt.

She was hungry, but the events of the evening did not affect her otherwise. Her appreciative proprietor was pleased to introduce her indoors for some care and delicious food. What no one would expect was that for her hero, Maurice, this was the start of severe trouble.

They notified the astonished Maurice when Verizon learned of the rescue that he would receive a suspension. His 15-day suspension was because “they were not designed to use their cars and machinery in the region where they were operating.” That’s why their activities are just, according to Rich Young, a spokesman for Verizon.

We don’t take any happiness in this job action. However, while operating in a specific region, we are dedicated and accountable for maintaining our staff and clients secure. While our activities may not be common, our staff and the communities we serve are in the greatest interest.

Unfortunately, while the objective of this employee was admirable, he could jeopardize his life and those around him. Verizon states that they will make a gift to Fishtown’s Pennsylvania SPCA to promote attempts to rescue animals. However, one individual raised a valid point… (Note: we have NO confirmation that they have been contacted).

The SPCA that wasn’t able to save the cat and why he had to assist? But when colleagues and the public learned about the suspension, they obviously let their ideas be heard on the matter – in opposition or in assistance

Technically, he placed himself in serious risk if what they say is true of an “electric box” meaning transformer, meaning powered machinery. Verizon buckets are not insulated in such a way that he could have been electrocuted only by maneuvering his bucket nearby. Those who work in the same field were able to offer a straightforward explanation of the sort of pole in question, in this situation, HIS co-workers.

On that pole there’s only secondary electric. Our method, as Maurice’s coworker, is to prevent contact. This is one of the safer poles to operate on which we are trained.

At Verizon, I know everyone’s mad … but I believe you should also be PO’d at the energy business. They have the bucket trucks that are insulated, and they might have jumped in. I’m sure they had cat calls long before Maurice got up and did what they required to do.

If I were Mauritius, I would take a pleasant holiday and perhaps spend some of my free moment saving more community cats!

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