Woman Adopts One Cat Then Returns To Shelter For The One She Left Behind-.-.–.

Cats and dogs are stuck in shelters all over the world. Some are lucky enough to find forever homes, while others are at the shelter for life.

11-year-old Mojo was lucky enough to be adopted. He and 16-year-old Max were dropped off at Anne Arundel County Animal Control in Maryland. They spent years together at the shelter, but it was unknown whether or not they’d spend the rest of their lives together.

When the woman brought Mojo home, she couldn’t get Max out of her head. The thought of him spending the rest of his days in a cage broke her heart. Mojo was also visibly lonely and depressed without Max.

That’s when the woman knew she had to go back to the shelter to adopt Max. Max was thrilled to be in a real home, and most importantly, reunited with his best friend!

Mojo and Max have been living happily together and have been inseparable ever since! It’s so heartwarming to know that both of these cats were rescued and will get to spend the rest of their days together!

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