When The Cat Recovered They Planned To Find Him A New Home But He Ended Up Choosing Them

The fate of the animals around us is frequently decided by us humans.

There are those who adore their cats and will go to any lengths to care for and transport them. However, some people decide to give up their pets when they start to burden them. Pets in both situations lacked the ability to make their own decisions and were forced to obey those of the human taking care of them.

However, there are also situations in which animals make these decisions independently of whether or not people agree with them.

This is what occurred to Baby Mars, a small kitten who was adopted by a family after being taken in by them and promised to care for him until he was old enough to be adopted by another family.

They were unaware that the cat had already selected them as his owners and that he would not accept “no.”

A litter of kittens who were only one week old was saved and brought to a shelter in Montreal, Canada. A group of volunteers looked after them since they needed nourishment constantly. The ginger kitten was significantly smaller and less healthy than its littermates.

Jess, a skilled rescuer, offered to assist. She took him home, started tube feeding him, kept him warm, and had him at her side constantly throughout the day.

She wasn’t sure if the baby would make it, but she knew the animal wouldn’t give up without a fight. The kitty survived his initial challenges and started to perk up after many restless nights and much effort.

“Jess gave the kitty excellent care. Every two hours, she fed him and gave him warmth. Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal said it was what ultimately saved his life.

The kitten gradually recovered until one day he appeared ready to find his real home. Coralie, a woman who wanted to foster him and let him get to know her other cats before placing him up for adoption, took him in.

But Baby Mars had other ideas. Coralie and him had really only spoken when the cat appeared to fall in love. He pursued her around, cuddled up to her, and even engaged in cat fighting with the other cats to get her attention.

With his little meows and large eyes, he is quite convincing. When he wants hugs, he may sometimes wait and watch his person.

Baby Mars snuck into his adoptive family’s hearts before they even realized it. Coralie was aware that the kitten had made a decision that she was unable to overturn when the time came for her adoption.
“Mars was formally adopted by his adoptive family at the age of three months. It’s the perfect place,” said Celine.

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